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Agenda July 2011

July 7 2011 Agenda

Recycling and Helping the Environment

Save money in 2011

Update on environmental survey

Results of environmental survey

Following requests from our parishioners, the Parish Council have arranged for a smaller paper bank in the parish car park and for recycling facilities to be installed at the Staithe.

How can you reduce your junk mail?

For addressed junk mail…

Contact the Mailing Preference Service (MPS)  on 08457 034599 or www.mpsonline.org.uk Once you register your name and address it takes 2-4 months to have a full effect and it will last for 5 years.  You can still receive mail from companies you have done business with and the charities that you have contacted in the past.

For unaddressed junk mail…

Much of this junk mail is sent out regionally to every household.  Write to the Royal Mail helpline at Beaumont House, Sandy Lane West, Oxford, OX4 6ZZ and ask for your address to be taken off their database.  You will no longer receive unaddressed information from your local council.

Recycle it…………

If you enjoy receiving junk mail, please recycle it along with all your other papers in your recycle bin for kerbside collection.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service are offering free Home Fire Risk Checks for the general public.  They are particularly interested in visiting the more ‘at risk’ groups, inclucing the elderly, disabled and otherwise vulnerable people.

Please contact them via their website www.norfolkfireservice.gov.uk or email Home.Safety@fire.norfolk.gov.uk

If you know of anyone who would benefit from this offer, but does not have internet access, they can call 0800 9176137