White House Stores


White House Stores closed down in December 2011.   Following a public meeting on July 23rd 2012 it was decided to try and buy the freehold for the community of the three villages of Neatishead, Irstead and Barton Turf . An Industrial and Provident Society was formed and a share issue made.  Generous funding from The Victory Housing Trust and The Plunkett Foundation, along with an enthusiastic uptake of shares made the dream of the community owning the shop a reality and the shop became ours on December 5th 2012.  The shop then had extensive renovations carried out to repair water damage caused by a burst pipe in January 2012.
We were delighted that the Big Lottery Village SOS awarded us £42,400 to refit the shop and help towards the set up costs for the first year of trading.
The shop was re-opened on March 9th, with our local MP, Norman Lamb doing the ribbon cutting honours.  We look forward to a happy and successful future.

Click on the picture above to visit the White House Stores website

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