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Agendas are published on the Parish Council notice board 3 clear working days prior to the meeting.  The council will not discuss or make decisions on any item not on the agenda.

Please see news page for list of meeting dates.  Meetings start at 7.30 pm in the main hall of the New Victory Hall.

agenda 12th January
agenda 9th February
agenda 9th March
agenda April
Annual Parish Meeting 27th April
 agenda 11th May
agenda 8th June
agenda 13th July
agenda 14th September

agenda 19th October 2017
agenda 16th November 2017


agenda 8th September 2016
agenda 14th july 2016
agenda 16th June 2016
agenda 12th May 2016 – annual meeting
agenda 14th April 2016
Annual Parish Meeting 7th April Agenda 2016
agenda 10th March 2016
agenda 11th February 2016
agenda 14th January 2016

 agenda 8th January 2015
agenda 12th February 2015
agenda 16th April 2015
Agenda 14th May – Annual meeting
agenda 11th June 2015
agenda 9th July 2015
agenda 10th september 2015
agenda 1st October 2015
Agenda 8th October 2015
November 12th 2015


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